The electric log splitter is an efficient, light weight and compact tool that can be used to split large chunks of firewood in a quick and easy manner. One of the biggest benefits of using an electric log splitter is that it is small enough to be used indoors and does not generate toxic fumes like a gas log splitter does, nor does it require you to exert physical pressure, which is imperative when using a manual hydraulic log splitter. 5 ton electric log splitters are quite common, the Sun Joe SJ602E 5 Ton 15 amp log splitter being one of them. To know more about what it can be like to use such a product, read on for manual log splitter discount.

The Sun Joe SJ 602 E log splitter has a maximum splitting force of 5 tons and comes with a 15 amp motor that allows for the smooth and efficient functioning of the device. It also features a dual handed safety switch system that lets you use this device without hurting yourself. The Sun Joe SJ602E 5 ton log splitter is best used for splitting wood that is 10x 20.5 inches in diameter. It is ETL approved as well and comes with a warranty that lasts for as long as two years. You can therefore get this 5 ton log splitter easily repaired and that too for free within the period during which the warranty policy remains valid. This is a 5 ton log splitter that is also known for its extensive shelf life and you will be able to use it for several years, that is, at least for five to six years at a stretch before you feel the need to throw it away and get a new log splitter in its place.